Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birthday Girl

Hi all...
I think you all know my love for Mo's and I think that I am addicted.  I really may need a 12 step program.  I am collecting cards more than I am sending them.  Ugh....I really need to start sending them out.  Anyone else do that?  Everyone!?!  Oh, good!  :) 
That's it, just feed my addiction.  It's all good!  :) 
Anyway, I love this image from Mo's.  Isnt' that little dog the cutest?  I made another version that I will share soon, and you will see they are very similar.  I made the girls both all decked out in pink because that is my fave color.  But I made the other dog black.  Because that is the color of my princess pup!  :)  I like that the cake has a ? candle.  Makes me feel like it can be used for any age - young and not so young!  :) 

May all of your wishes come true,

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