Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Mother's Day challenge

Hi Friends!
Come on over to the SSDS challenge this week!  The theme is Mother's Day!  Do whatever feels right to you!

I think I may have talked about this technique a few weeks ago.  But it is so much fun! 
You just take 12 1.25" squares and tape them to the card front and then run the card front through your embossing maching and it looks quilted.  Very cool!!! 
Happy Mother's Day!!!!  xoxo

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Friday, April 29, 2011

PB Apple

Okay... I saw this when stalking my BBFF Christy's blog.  And new it would be perfect to make for my kids.  I made an extra for me and I am glad I did.  Who doesn't like apple and PB??  Try will too!
I think it would be cute to add little eyes to the worms.  :) 
How fun are those....  Fun and YUMMO!  :)
Enjoy today!  I know I am....I'm so glad to be home.  I enjoyed the trip, but am HAPPY to be home!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter's over but I wanna share

Okay, I do realize that Easter is over, but as I've shared I've been quite teh busy girl and I wanted to post my chocolate covered Peeps.....  I know it's not an original idea....I've seen them all around blogland.  Even my bestie - Christy made some. 
My big change is also not too spectacular by itself but I combined milk and semi-sweet chocolates to cover the peeps.  Then I drizzled white chocolate on them adn addes some sugar sprinkles cause everyone knows what Peeps need....more sugar!!!  :)

Happy Easter to my Peeps!  :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shadow Boxes

Hi pals!!  :)
Hope you all had a great Easter....I've been busy, busy, busy.  The end of last week I went cabin camping with my 7th grader for a class trip.  It was a lot of fun.  Cold but what a great time and they are memories that she will remember forever!!! :)  I got home on Friday and Saturday I got to play in my scrap room.  I had a friend order two 12x12 shadow boxes for pictures from her spring break trip.  SO I was so excited I had been thinking about them, planning them and I bought a couple things for them even before I knew the deal was for real.  :)  I think they turned out really cute!!!!!  Then Monday I flew to San Jose for work....that's where I'm at now.  I should actually be sleeping as it is 1am my time, but it's only 10pm, here I am.  And I've wanted to blog for a while.  Still have a lot to post about, so stay tuned!!  :)

So, here are the pretties....  :)   There are two pictures of each frame....

Let the good times roll!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tag Challenge

Hi my Crafty Friends!
Come on over to the SSDS challenge this week!  The theme is to Tags!!!

I had fun with this one. I made a 3-D accordian book.  Hope you like it!
Enjoy your day,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My New Bestie!

Hi all!  I HAVE to tell you about my new Bestie....have you read Christy at  If you haven't please run...don't walk to her blog.  She is funny, heartwarming, creative, and pretty much just rocks.  I love reading blogs....let's face it, we all started reading before we started writing and I knowI'm still a better stalker than I am a writer.  :) 

Anyway, I have a handful of blogs that I really try to stay caught up on.  I'm struggling right now with that one because I have so much going on that it is entirely interfering with what I WANT to do....ugh!  BUT, I have been reading Christy's blog and even have started reading from the beginning until now.  She is a hoot and I truly belive we would be besties.  I'm still working on getting her to move from TX to IN to prove that point.  It's a work in progress. 

Anyway, I wanted to tell all of my blog friends about her so you won't miss out....I mean look at some of my fave things.....  :)  I've limited myself to 5 fabulous finds, but trust me there are WAAAY more and these are probably not even necessarily my top 5...I wanted to give you a glimpse of the range of creativitiy she possesses.  This is my ode to her cause I've already stolen a million ideas from her.   Check her out!! 

Christy.  My new bestie!  :)

Halloween-Candy Corn: Candy Corn Tutu

A Bouquet of Cinnamon Buns

Homemade Gifts: Personalized Guitar Picks


Oh, what this girl can do to a cuppie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YUMMMMMM!!!

In Appreciation of Our Bus(zzzzz)y Administration Team: Lemon Honey Cupcakes

Fletcher's Corn Dog Cupcakes

Isn't she just fab!!  But wait...there's more!  I know our pups would be besties too!!!  Look at her sweet Peanut...


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hoppy Easter...

YAY!  I got to spend some time in my scrapbook room!  :)  I made some Easter cards just in time to send out.  I found the digis on Bugaboo and just made a few modifications to each one.  I think they turned out really cute.  I still have a lot to do before Easter though....  Luckily I think I've finished purchasing the filler - I say "think" becasue I never seem to be done.  I keep finding things to add.  :)  I love all of the Easter candy....cadbury eggs, marshmallow bunnies, and PEEPS!!  :)  YUMMO!  I open my peeps and leave them open to get stale for a few days  - the longer the better.  Anyone else do that?

Well, here are my cards....

Enjoy today!

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Review For CSN

Thought I'd share a review I just did from CSN.  This store has it all...check it out!  :)  Fast shipping and great customer service!!!

Originally submitted at CSN Stores

Great purchase!
By TT.Scraps from Fishers, IN on 4/18/2011
5out of 5
I rated this as 5 does get better, but not for this price! I opened this and started using it immediately. I've had it for about 3 weeks and have used it at least 5 times. The bread turns out wonderfully. No complaints at all. Because I am a novice bread maker my first two loaves were mixes. I have since ditched the mixes and just make the bread using basic ingredients. It has turned out wonderfully and my whole family is excited about this purchase!
This machine has mutiple settings and a delay which is nice. Love waking up to some fresh bread and it smells soooo good!
One setting is for Jam - kinda interested in giving that a whirl.
I would recommend this for sure!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

SSDS challenge - FUN!!! :)

Hi Friends!
Come on over to the SSDS challenge this week!  The theme is a recipe theme:
recipe: 3pattern papers, 3 flowers, 3 sparklys, 1 can use anything else that you want as long as it contains these things!!  HOW FUN is that?!?!  This is what I came up with.  Can't wait to see yours! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


:)  Hi to you my crafty friends.  I finally got in my craft room after a bit of inattention.  I made the kiddos these cute candy wrappers.  I'm gonna give them to them for no particular reason - which is sometimes the best reason of all!  :) 

What are you working on?

Monday, April 11, 2011

You would think....

Okay, you'd think that since it's Monday and I was off all weekend that I'd have something spectacular to show you.  Well, I don't.  Nope.  Not one thing.  What is up with that?!?!  I don't even have a good answer. 

SO instead, I will just do a little commentary.  :)  Please bear with me.  Is that the right bear?  Certainly it's not bare.  LOL!  That's funny to think.  I don't think I'd be on the computer if that was the case, although Jammies do sound pretty good right about now!  But I can't; cheer meeting later tonight and my 13 year old would frown upon her mama showing up to help out in my comfy, old jammies, no matter if they have footies or not. 

What did I do this weekend if I didn't make spectacular things to share with you?!?! 

Well let me tell you!  I started a Facebook Fan page!!!  Check me out and "like" me if you wish.  You can find me under TT.Scraps in FB Pages.  Pretty cool, I think.  I will offer specials through FB, so "like" me, please like me!  :) 

I also got to hold twin 1 month old baby boys!!!  :)  How wonderful is that?!?!  They smelled wonderful and are adorable!  I love how they fold their little legs up like frogs when you hold them.  Awesome!!

I also had a nice talk with my BF.  I dread having those talks sometimes but it is nice that I always feel better after having them!  I think it's nice to get your feelings out and let's face it, men are idiots.  I have found that they can't take hints and need to be told exactly what you want.  So...that's just what I did!  :)  Time will tell if it worked.  I love him dearly so I sure hope it did 'cause I'd hate to kick him to the curb.  :)  LOL! 

I also got 6" cut off of my hair!  Thank God!  I was growing it out because guess who said they like long hair.  It was too long for me and guess what?!?!?  Guess who said he couldn't even really tell.  6"!!!!  Damn!!  I go back to my earlier comment.  Men are idiots. (I could make a comment about men and size here, but I'll let your imagination go)  Oh well.  At least he's cute and loonier than a bed bug. 

Also got to sit on the patio this weekend!!!!!  YAY!!!  It was just so beautiful!  Even got a touch of sun!  Wahoo!  It is rare that the weekend shapes up so nicely cause the week was kinda dreary and today it's rained all day so what a nice treat!!!

OH - I also baked two loaves of bread using my new bread maker!  :)  Yay and YUM!!  SO much easier than kneeding it by hand!!  NO muss, no fuss, and NO MESS!  :)  Charlie Sheen doesn't get the win on that one.  LOL! 

Kids came home from their dad's last night and that was a lot of fun laughing and chatting.  Man, I missed those little mess makers!  They are awesome kids - honestly a pleasure to have around (most of the time!).  Don't get twisted, there are times I'd leave them at the store if I could.  LOL.  It was fun because my daughter has wanted a yellow polka dot bikini for at least 3 years an the ones that we've seen have all been wrong in some way.  Well, while shopping with a friend she found one and tried it on and loved it.  (remember, she's 13 and absolutely gorgeous so for her to love herself in a bikini is not odd in any way - i'm sure in a few years she'll hate some part of herself....(but I will always think she's the prettiest thing I've ever seen!!))  It was at Target of all places.  Well, she called me and sent me a picture and said PLEASE!!  So being the mom that I am, I went and got it and put it in her room for her return.  Of course, when she asked about it during the week I told her that I had gone to Target but couldn't find it.  They simply didn't have her size.  :)  SO....when she got home last night she took stuff into her room then ran down the stairs and I got a BIG ol' hug and she was sooooo happy to have gotten it.  YAY!!!  :) 

Okay, I guess I've shared enough and I need to get busy with dinner before said cheer meeting.  Since I can't go in my jammies, I'll just have to get moving.  :) 
You are probably wishing I'd made something so I wouldn't be so long winded! 

Don't forget to 'like' me on FB!!!  :)  Go to FB, Pages, TT.Scraps!!  :)
Please and THANKS!!! 
What did you do over the weekend?


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Clean and Simple Challenge!

Hi Friends!
Come on over to the SSDS challenge this week!  The theme is CAS - clean and simple.  I don't know exactly what that means, but this is what I came up with.  Not too much bling, just a bit and no real embellies.  I so wanted to put a ribbon on it....I still may!  :)
Thanks for looking and please join us!!!

Have a great weeked!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter Candy Boquet

Yay!!!!  I am so loving to make these!!!  They are a lot of fun and they turn out so darned cute!!!  I made this one for a friend....we are going to her house on the 17th for an Easter Egg hunt.  Sounds like a lot of fun and I wanted to bring her a thank you gift.  I know she'll like it!  :) 
How are all of you doing these days?  I'm feeling pretty good but I am so over the cold, dreary, rainy days and ready for some sunshine!  I'm sure it will be here soon!  I'm saying that outloud as I am willing it to happen. 

Sorry there are a bunch of pictures, but this is the first one that I have been able to wrap in celophane.  I ordered a bunch for my business that is starting out a little slower than I hoped, but I still have big dreams for it!!!!  :)

Happy Easter!  Enjoy the pics!  (and if you'd like one to call your very own - just let me know!  Smile!)


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Accordian Fun

Wow...this is way easier than I expected it to be!  I made a small accordian book using two coasters and 3 pieces of card stock.  It was fun to make, I'm just not sure what pics I'm going to put in it though....we'll see.  :)

Hope all is well with you.  It's spring break here for my kiddos....too bad that Mother Nature doesn't seem to realize it. 
I made this for a tag challenge that SSDS is having soon so you may see this again!  :)
Thanks for looking!


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