Monday, April 11, 2011

You would think....

Okay, you'd think that since it's Monday and I was off all weekend that I'd have something spectacular to show you.  Well, I don't.  Nope.  Not one thing.  What is up with that?!?!  I don't even have a good answer. 

SO instead, I will just do a little commentary.  :)  Please bear with me.  Is that the right bear?  Certainly it's not bare.  LOL!  That's funny to think.  I don't think I'd be on the computer if that was the case, although Jammies do sound pretty good right about now!  But I can't; cheer meeting later tonight and my 13 year old would frown upon her mama showing up to help out in my comfy, old jammies, no matter if they have footies or not. 

What did I do this weekend if I didn't make spectacular things to share with you?!?! 

Well let me tell you!  I started a Facebook Fan page!!!  Check me out and "like" me if you wish.  You can find me under TT.Scraps in FB Pages.  Pretty cool, I think.  I will offer specials through FB, so "like" me, please like me!  :) 

I also got to hold twin 1 month old baby boys!!!  :)  How wonderful is that?!?!  They smelled wonderful and are adorable!  I love how they fold their little legs up like frogs when you hold them.  Awesome!!

I also had a nice talk with my BF.  I dread having those talks sometimes but it is nice that I always feel better after having them!  I think it's nice to get your feelings out and let's face it, men are idiots.  I have found that they can't take hints and need to be told exactly what you want.  So...that's just what I did!  :)  Time will tell if it worked.  I love him dearly so I sure hope it did 'cause I'd hate to kick him to the curb.  :)  LOL! 

I also got 6" cut off of my hair!  Thank God!  I was growing it out because guess who said they like long hair.  It was too long for me and guess what?!?!?  Guess who said he couldn't even really tell.  6"!!!!  Damn!!  I go back to my earlier comment.  Men are idiots. (I could make a comment about men and size here, but I'll let your imagination go)  Oh well.  At least he's cute and loonier than a bed bug. 

Also got to sit on the patio this weekend!!!!!  YAY!!!  It was just so beautiful!  Even got a touch of sun!  Wahoo!  It is rare that the weekend shapes up so nicely cause the week was kinda dreary and today it's rained all day so what a nice treat!!!

OH - I also baked two loaves of bread using my new bread maker!  :)  Yay and YUM!!  SO much easier than kneeding it by hand!!  NO muss, no fuss, and NO MESS!  :)  Charlie Sheen doesn't get the win on that one.  LOL! 

Kids came home from their dad's last night and that was a lot of fun laughing and chatting.  Man, I missed those little mess makers!  They are awesome kids - honestly a pleasure to have around (most of the time!).  Don't get twisted, there are times I'd leave them at the store if I could.  LOL.  It was fun because my daughter has wanted a yellow polka dot bikini for at least 3 years an the ones that we've seen have all been wrong in some way.  Well, while shopping with a friend she found one and tried it on and loved it.  (remember, she's 13 and absolutely gorgeous so for her to love herself in a bikini is not odd in any way - i'm sure in a few years she'll hate some part of herself....(but I will always think she's the prettiest thing I've ever seen!!))  It was at Target of all places.  Well, she called me and sent me a picture and said PLEASE!!  So being the mom that I am, I went and got it and put it in her room for her return.  Of course, when she asked about it during the week I told her that I had gone to Target but couldn't find it.  They simply didn't have her size.  :)  SO....when she got home last night she took stuff into her room then ran down the stairs and I got a BIG ol' hug and she was sooooo happy to have gotten it.  YAY!!!  :) 

Okay, I guess I've shared enough and I need to get busy with dinner before said cheer meeting.  Since I can't go in my jammies, I'll just have to get moving.  :) 
You are probably wishing I'd made something so I wouldn't be so long winded! 

Don't forget to 'like' me on FB!!!  :)  Go to FB, Pages, TT.Scraps!!  :)
Please and THANKS!!! 
What did you do over the weekend?


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  1. Sounds like you've been busy! Relationships are always hard because men and women think so differently and put emphasis on such different things. I have been wanting to make some bread at home - but I was planning on doing it in the oven. Congrats on your hair cut. Last time I really had my hair cut it was extremely dramatic. I had about a foot and a half lopped off to donate to Locks of Love. I went from having hair way down my back almost to my butt to having it up by my chin. Now I'm growing it out again.



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