Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rockin' Shoes!!

OMG....my daughter and her friend found a cute pair of shoes that they liked on the internet and I just knew that we could make them! 

I found the shoes at Meijer...they were even on sale!
Then I found the font online!  Check out dafont.com  good stuff!
Then I used my Princess Cricut and cut vinyl.  I used a different setting than what was recommended for vinyl.  Not sure if it's my vinyl or what but I had pressure on high, speed on medium and deep blade at 4. This kissed the vinyl and allowed me to make a stencil for each of the girls. 
They (I) stuck the vinyl stencil to the shoes and let the girls dab black paint on. 

We did two coats and the 2nd coat we covered with Dazzling Diamonds glitter from SU! and let it dry for a teansy bit because we were impatient.  :)  They turned out marvalous!!!! :)  The girls love them, and so do I! 

Although instead of Party Rock, I think I would have said Rock Party...but what do I know.  The girls say it's a song.  I'll believe them.  :)

                                                                   (Brittany and Kaity)


  1. I just featured your fun shoes! Thanks so much for linking up! :)


  2. These are WAY cool!!!! Come link these up at my new-ish diy fashion linky party called DIY Diva thursdays :)


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  4. What was the name of the font you used from dafont.com?



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