Monday, November 28, 2011

Minnie Nails!

Hi my crafty friends!
Kaity and I enjoy getting our nails done, but let's face it, it's expensive!!!  She had seen nails done like this on a blog and I thought "I can do that!" so I did!  :)  Love it when that happens.  Now mind you, there are flaws, but it's nails for goodness sakes!  And she's it's all good!  She was happy and so was I!  It was even more fun because red, black, and white are her school colors!  I just free-handed the red which was the hardest part.  I know they could have been a little straighter, but it worked and I used a small make-up brush with remover on it to help straighten out the lines a bit.  I then took my embossing stylus - YAY!!! - and dipped it in white for the dots and then black for the bow.  Pretty cool and pretty easy to do!
We think they turned out super cute!
Try it!  :)

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