Monday, November 21, 2011

You've been Framed

Hi All! :)
I'm thinking it's time to start posting some gift ideas.  So today that is jsut what I am going to do.  How about a cute frame idea!?!  Everyone loves pictures for Christmas, right?!  RIGHT!  And who wouldn't like it even better with a cute frame???
I used Twinkle Toes to do this frame....I think it turned out really cute along with the baby girl in the picture.  She's a daughter of a friend of mine.  My friend took some family photos for me and I wanted to give him a little thank you gift.  Guess it really was for her, but you get the picture.  (Bad pun!) 
This frame is from Michael's and then I covered it with modge podge and scrapbook paper.  She is very girly and I love that about her.  Her fave colors are pink and purple.  I think it turned out cute and I know my friend appreciated it!

I made one for his son as well....I'll post on that tomorrow! :)

Be careful when you are working on this...the modge podge kinda wrinkles, but it will straighten up when it dries. 

Enjoy your day!!!


  1. Great job. Love the colors you chose and the cute little images. Great gift idea.



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