Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tomato Ketchup

Hi there! 
I know I mentioned that my son broke his ankle back in January...he's been going through Physical Therapy for the last couple of months and yesterday was his last day!!  YAY!!!  He's feeling so much better now and we wanted to give his therapist a note of thanks for taking such good care of him.  His therapist is from England and has a cute accent.  The day we met him he was talking about soemthing and said 'tomato ketchup' and we loved it!  It sounds so neat hearing it in his accent....and we've asked him several times to say it again.  I thought it would be appropriate to make him a cute ketchup bottle card!!! :)  We gave him some yummy M&M's as well.  It was great!
Thank you to my Cricut which I just love!!! :)
Enjoy your day!

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