Monday, June 18, 2012

Graduation Week - Gift

 Hi All,
My BBFF (Best Blogging Friend Forever), Christy often will do a 'week of' something.  Shes's done tons of stuff and not only do I enjoy each day I also look forward to the next post!  So I'm gonna be a copy cat and do a week (may not be a daily post) of GRADUATION.  Now this may be a bit late for this year - I'm not sure, but hopefully you can find something fun to do next year.  I've posted some cards etc already, but I feel like this year I've done more for graduations than I ever have. 
This is a fun project.  Mike's best friend's daughter graduated from HS and I thought I wanted to make something unique for her.  While I was shopping at JoAnne's for a frames I found these letters for $1 off....making them $2.99 instead of $3.99.  This was super easy and cheap!  I just took vinyl in the colors of the college she is attending and cut circles out with my circle punches.  Then I cut some for the edges and went at it.  It looks cute by itself but I thought I should put something on it to hang it.  Thinking she may want to put it in her dorm room.   What better than zebra print! :)
I really like how it looks together.  I was able to use ribbon I already had on hand.  So this gift was a grand total of $2.99 plus tax.  Not too shabby!!
Hope she likes it...if not my daughter (Kaity) said she'll take it! :)
Enjoy today,

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