Sunday, June 12, 2011

29, again!

I love this image...Gus from Bugaboo is fun.  This card is for Rep, Mike's dad.  He just had a birthday and I think he'll appreciate this card.  AND, the 29 Boooiiiinnnnggggssss!  I love those things!!!  :) 
(Ike, you had asked me what they are, they are Action Wobbles and are great!!! You just stick one side of the wobble to what you want to shake, rattle, and roll and the other end to the card base. Easy, peasy and Oh, SO, CUTE!!)

Enjoy your day!


  1. This images is the funniest! Gotta' love being 29 forever.

  2. how funny is this? Great job Tammy!

  3. Funny I love this! That image is a hoot. I am going to see if they would want to sponsor us.



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