Thursday, February 9, 2012


Look at what Mikey came home with from Hobby Lobby!!!!  He set it up so when I got out of the shower I would see it!  How sweet!!   I will hang it by our picture in the family room, but I just thought that was the sweetest thing!!!  And why would I not go with him to HL you may be thinking?!?!  Well, because I spent my budget and knew going would not be a smart thing for me.  It's cute that he wanted to go becasue he too started a hobby, one that he had done years ago...Model making!!!  He is an army brat and grew up in Germany/Belgium and he still loves army things.  He found this plane and with a 40%  off coupon, it was a steal at $13!  We did that on a trip together...this trip?  Well for more PAINTS, of course!!

Here he is miticulously painting the pilots

Have fun, baby!!  :) 

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  1. oh my.... this is such a sweettttttttt and loving post! Love it! thanks for sharing.



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