Sunday, February 5, 2012

Star Wars Mini

OMG!!!  This was SOOOOO much fun to make!   Mike, my BF LOVES Star Wars.  Kinda ironic becasue I have never even seen it.  Don't really have any interest in most things sci-fi.  But, it's cool that he likes it so much and has loved it since his childhood! He still has some stuff from when he was a kid and don't get twisted....he still gets new stuff too!  One really cool thing that I got to use on this mini was bedsheets from his twin bed he had as a kid!!!  So cool!!!!  :) 
This was so enjoyable to make and I have collected embellishments for a couple of years now.  I thought a card or layout just wasn't what I wanted.  The mini ws perfect!!!!
I cut the pages 6x6 and I did the binding like a book to make all of the pages fit and for it not to be too bulky.  Although it is quite bulky and I used a Tim Holtz thing to close it.  I love how it turned out!!! It is an interactive mini and definatly hands on!
LOTS and LOTS of pictures!!!!

The front cover....sorry about the lighting.  Used stickles around the chipboard StarWars.

Top of album looking down

pages 1 and 2

Page 1
p.1 Yoda is on paper and he opens to this
page 2  this is my fave page!  Mike said that the black planet thing is Darth Vader's house so...

I made a pull out of he can go in and out of his house.  :)

I clipped both of these together to go into the house


close up of 3 ...each piece folds over right, left, up

this is what p.3 looks like opened

p. 4 has a strip that holds chipboard pictures of the cars

here are the cards of the cars

p 5-6

p.5 opened

p 6  I know Boba Fett becasue he is Mike's FAVE!  Love Boba.  He said that Boba is the bounty hunter after that guy, so I thought it would be cute to have them on the same page and then when you ope it up - it folds up

and reveals Darth behind them

pages 7-8

I like this page too.  I like the Who's Your Daddy?!!!  :)  I think that's funny.  Even I know that Darth is Luke's dad from hearing people say, "Luke, I am your father!" 

I did NOT know that Luke and Lea are siblings...twins even!  So pretty cool.  I put them in the pocket.

Page 8 

These are just paper clipped on the side...Mike likes them and said that they are drawings done by Ralph someone and they were done prior to the movies!!!  Neat!

page 9-10

Page 9

These guys were the only ones I knew as a kid...C3P0 and R2D2

page 10
I love the Yoda quote!

Page 10 opens to this

pages 11 and 12

Page 11 is Chewy who fights the white thing so I had them on opposite pages

p. 11 opened

page 12...white thing fighting hairy thing

Opened p. 12

p 13-14

These are cool pictures that I got from Etsy a couple Christmas's ago. 
I got four of them, you will see them all.

When you open Darth this is under

p. 14

pages 15-16

I had to use Hero on this page!

Page 15 opens to this

Page 16 - another Etsy

Opened page 16

page 17-18

close-up of 17

The tages are removable

Page 18 ...etsy again! 

p. 18 folded down

page 19-20

close up of 19

close up of 20

page 21-22

p. 21 ...last of the etsy prints

opens to reveal this

last 22 HAD to be Boba.

This is the sheet from Mike's bed!!!! :) 
Love you, Mikey!!!

Thanks everyone for looking!!!!

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