Friday, May 27, 2011

Baked Tortellini...YUMMO! :)

OMG....I dont' know if it gets any better than this!  :) 
It's easy enough too! 


Baked Tortellini
1 pkg dry tortellini (I used chesse filled from Trader Joe's)
1 lb lean ground beef (I used turkey)
1 jar spaghetti sauce
1 can tomato sauce
Fresh Mozarella
Fresh Basil
Italian seasoning

Boil Pasta according to directions on the package.  Meanwhile, brown ground beef and onion.  Drain.  Add sauces and seasonings to taste.  Let simmer for a bit.  Add tortellini when it is done.  Combine and put all in 9x13 baking dish.  Cover with Mozarella cheese and basil.  Bake 350' for about 30 mins until brown on top.  I broiled mine for a couple minutes too to speed up the browning cause we were hungry!  :)  Served with Texas Toast and salad.  DELISH!!!!  :) 


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