Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Ol' Jet Airliner some of you know I have had to do a bit of travel for work.  Puts a bit of a damper on my crafting, but it's part of the job and I am more than happy to do it cause afterall, without my job there would be no crafting! :) 
Anyway, I thought I'd mix the two a bit!  One of the people that went with me likes the aisle seat and I like the window.  We were on a pretty big plane on the way home from San Jose - it had three seats on each side of the aisle.  There was a stop in Denver where we could get up and stretch our legs but we continued on in the same plane.  Well, the WHOLE way home (both legs of the trip!) Chris and I sat in the same row and had NO ONE in the middle seat!!  I think we had the only empty seat on the plane!!! YAY US!!  I refuse to believe it is because we stink or anything like that!  I think it was because we had a conversation kinda over the seat while it was loading.  I think we tricked 'em!  :)  It was (very) intentional but it was NICE!!!  Not that I mind sitting next to someone, just, well, you know what I mean - it is just better when it's empty!!
Also, right before this trip I got a new work phone.  I took these pictures on that.  Before I really knew how to focus in.  So I'm sorry for the poor quality but you get the jist. 

Chris liked the plane and we all got a bit of a laugh and a *sigh* of relief! :)

PS - there is a small Hershey bar in there and sixlet wings! :)
Have a great day,


  1. Great job Tammy. How long will it last with the candy inside (lol)

  2. Very clever. ;o) I used to write letters on the barf bags...classy.



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