Monday, May 2, 2011


I love finding new ideas that are quick, easy, and inexpensive.  These fill that bill!  Thanks to my BBFF (Christy) I was inspired to go to Michaels and buy these $1 frames!!!  So many ideas's are in my head for these.  I started out with one for Kaity and one for the family. 
One word of caution..... Pay attention to where which way the frame sits....I didn't do that and my sweet BF had to fix that for me.  :)

For these you just use a wooden frame, cover with paper and modge podge the heck out of it.  I used my cricut to cut the letters and added some ribbon cause I love me some ribbon!  :)



  1. Tammy, they are fabulous, what a great idea! thanks for sharing

  2. They both turned out awesome! I have played with those frames before and for some reason always thought of paint and never paper - duh. Now I will have much better looking frames *LOL*



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