Thursday, May 19, 2011

Race Day Roxy

Living here in Indiana for the majority of my life the Indianapolis 500 is a pretty big deal.  I had been to time trials and qualifications, but never to the race....UNTIL last year!  My BF's dad gets a bunch of tickets every year and lucky me gets to join in now!  It is a big family affair and lots of fun...but last year it was the hottest ever and I seriously thought I was going to burst into flames sitting high up on the bleacher seats.  UGH.    My son was sweet and kept putting a towel in the cooler and putting it on my head to help cool off.  It was really that miserably hot.  Here's hoping it's not so hot this year!!!  Instead I made a HOT card....  (Okay, bad pun, but it was a good segway. LOL)
I used my copics to color this....I love them!  I still need a few more to do some wicked highlighting, but I'm getting better! :)

My BF's brother is in the Army (so proud of him - he'll be retiring soon - Shout out to MSGT J. Rep - You ROCK!!) and I'm going to send this card to him.

Here's to hot drivers and cool summer days at the track this year!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Your coloring is great! thanks for sharing



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