Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Fun

Good morning!  So far it's been a great weekend - a nice follow-up to an extremely busy week!  Al's football team is doing great 3-1 and Kaity's volleyball team won their game yesterday so they are 1-1.  We also had practices, games, homework, and all of the other fun 'mom' stuff going on.  It was a great week but sometimes being busy makes the week go by so quickly.  My goal is to always try to enjoy the moment.  I did find some time to scrap (don't get twisted! Haha!).  I'm going to include some of the things I (we) worked on.  I also did several scrapbook pages.  Yay!

I made this for a good friend's daughter.  I used stitch witchery - I ironed it onto the fabric and then I used my cricut with the deep cut blade to cute the letters.  It worked out perfectly!! I hadn't cut fabric before this - but I am sure I will again!
The next coupla pictures are of the Eiffel Tower that my bf drew FREEHAND!!  for my dd's school project. He did a great job and she was soooo happy!
This last post fot today is a card that I 'scraplifted' from someone - I'm sorry I do not remember who.  I changed some things, and think it turned out really cute.  I used Robyn's (TPS) stamp set Punnylicious. I'm going to give it to my bf sometime this week - just because.  :)  I love that kind of reason!

Well, that's it for now.  I am going to do some more scrapping in between laundry, baseball, making seafood lasagna (doesn't that sound good!), and the COLTS game!!  My bf will watch football all day I'm sure, so I'll hear about it one way or another so I may as well join in and have fun!  TTFN!

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