Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dude...where's my card?

I feel like making cards for boys is sometimes a challenge.  Or maybe it's just that the men in my life are difficult.  Whatever the reason I struggle with what to do.  Frogs, fish, and bugs, albeit are cute (esp with create a critter!) but they are often not exactly what I want.  AND now that I have an 11 year old son he wants things that aren't so childish.  I think this card turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself and you know I do.  :) 
Oh no she didn't...  Oh yes, I did!  :)
Tee hee! 

Do all pre-teens say DUDE all of the time!?!  I had to draw the line to him calling me dude!! No that's just not right!  He can call me mama or mom since mommy is no longer in his vocab  (whaaa!) but that's it.  NO duuuude for me no matter how cool it makes him feel. 

Well, I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration!!

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