Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Spinner

Hi my friends...
I LOOOOOOVE Halloween!  It's my favorite holiday!  I love fall, isnt' it the bestest??!!  :)  I made these really cute spinner cards to send to my besties this year.  I guess I need to mail them soon, but I wanted to make sure to spotlight them first. I actually had posted them when I first started blogging (a whole, long month ago) but my friend, who is like a mama to me, told me I need to focus on one thing/blog and not put so much out there.  SO, if you look hard enough at my blog you will see that I already have this posted, but now I will highlight it.  Same with some others to follow.  I do enjoy crafting and sometimes I think it's no big deal, especially since the cricut makes it so easy!!  BUT, I get that we are all inspirations to eachother and I hope someone finds something they can use in each post! 
That being said, let me show you my card...
Good Ol' Snoopy!  I just love him!

This is my first spinner time I will use smaller thread but isn't it cute!!! (Insert high-pitched squeal here)  I love the spooky paper mixed with the not so spooky Snoop and Woodstock.  I also love the shimmer!  It's a SU product.  I have since found some way cheaper at our local scrap store, which is nice b/c I used almost a whole bottle on these 8 cards.  The store's bottle is less expensive and about 3x the size. I don't remeber the name of it, but I know it has an angel on the bottle.  It's good stuff! 
I sometimes go the little extra and make matching envelopes, and I did that with these...they turned out cute too. 
Now I gotta get them mailed!!!!  :)

Tell you what, since I am soooo cited about my new followers.  I will randomly draw a name from all that leave a comment on THIS post and I will mail a blank card to you.  I will do the drawing this Sunday so I can mail the card on Monday the 18th.  I will just address the envelope and send so you'll have to use your own envelope to mail it, but you'll have a cute Halloweenie card!  



  1. Love your Halloween spinner card, I have never made one of those but they look awesome.

    I'm following your blog.
    check mine out if you get a chance.

  2. This is the neatest card. I love it. I have never made one, but it looks something fun to try.


  3. Georgiana...
    You are the lucky winner! :) Send me an email and I will get your addy to mail it. :) Congrats and thanks for playing.
    My son had a good point as I was asking them to pick a number he said....why don't you just send one to each of them. Send me an email too... :)

  4. OMG how cute are the images!!! Where did you find the snoopy images? I would love to know the name and the store you got the SU look a like shimmer:) Very cute card. I going to try a spinner this week for sure LOL!

  5. Well thank you!!! Gosh!!! :). I got Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist at Archivers. 2 oz for $5 or $6. Love it! I have the iridescent gold one. I bought the stamps on eBay. I have a thing for good ol' Snoop! :). Thanks for the kindness!!!
    Can't wait to see your spinner!



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