Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Popping Halloween"

Yea!!  It's Halloween Eve!  :)  We really love Halloween around's fun dressing up and passing out candy.  Then it's fun sneaking sorting through the loot that my kids got!  I loooove to eat their count their candy - especially the m&m's and Reese's!, Wahoo!  :)  My son is going as Napoleon Dynamite and my daughter is going to a be a candy corn...I'm awfully proud of that one cause I made it!!  Woot, woot!!  :)  I will share pictures soon!  I used 25 yard of tulle on that bad-boy and it is tutu cute!  :)

Anyway, today I wanted to share a gift that I gave to some friends and neighbors....  I was at Target and found the stove-top Jiffy Pop popcorn - remember that stuff??  Oh, how I used to love it when my parents would buy that for us.  It was soooo coooool watching the bag pop!  WELL, they had them fore $1 at Target.  I cleaned them out of all 9 that they had and started working.  :)

I made Jiffy Pop Jack-o-Lanterns!  Fun!!
I used George and Basic Shapes to make the basic shapes - Circle pumpkin, triangle eyes and nose, moon-shaped mouth, rectangle stem. I also made some tag bases. Added some bling with stickles and made a tag using mini-monsters.  Whalah...  fun for all ages! 

Enjoy!!  Have a Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Well, that's just so darn cute, too. Ooooh, such great ideas. Thanks for becoming a follower. I just became one of yours! I look forward to your wonderful projects.

  2. OMG! so super cute and Love the one named Dane since that is my Husbands name also. Awesome!

  3. Such a great idea Tammy!!! I can't wait to see the pics of the costumes:)

  4. This is just SUCH a cute idea! I can't stand it. :O)



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