Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yay, I'm getting followers! :)

Hi friends!!  I'm so happy to notice today that my 'following' increased by 100% overnight!!  :)  Okay, okay, I know that means that I now have 10 instead of 5 but that's still super COOLIO!!!  Hello to my new followers!  Welcome and I hope you find some things that you like!  Feel free to leave comments and I will read all of them - that's part of the fun!  :)
Anyway...  Let's get down to business.  I was feeling kinda Halloweenie and I think there is a swap or two that I can join so I decided to make a cute (well, scary cute!) 3x3 card and box to put some yummy goodness in.  I don't know if I like the 3x3 thing yet - they are fun and quick but I'm not real sure what to do with them yet.  I just don't give THAT many gifts  :) 
AND this is the first box I've ever made.  I decided that really sticky tape (I use the red tape) is best because it holds the box tightly together. 

Are you ready...don't be scared! 

This isn't a very good picture, but you can see the spookiness, for sure! 

We have a really great (but really pricey) scrapbook store here in town and they offer fun classes.  For my daughter's un-birthday present we went to a Hooligan's class together and made some cute Halloween stuff.  I wanted to share a picture of her with one of the boxes.  I am happy to say that not only did she stay with the class she worked ahead and followed directions well and did an EXCELLENT job!!!   I'm so proud of my little scrapper!  :)  AND we made (and by we, I mean I) these INCREDIBLE chocolate, peanut butter cuppie cakes!!  I was gonna use the small reese's and put them in the middle of the cake but at our local grocery store they only had a big bag.  Which by itself is bad enough because Lord knows I'd end up eating far too many (the whole delicious bag), but even worse, they were $6!!  That's just crazy especially since the snack-sized bag was only $2.  SO...I ended up putting a whole Reese cup on the bottom of the cupcake liner and low and behold it fit PERFECTLY!    Really makes me think that Reese planned it that way!  SO I just put the cake batter (from a box) on top and baked for about 20 mins.  The icing on the cake really was the icing....I took a can of vanilla and mixed it with a glob (technical baking term) of PB and mixed it with my hand held kitchen aid (looove that thing - thanks QVC) on high.  It was FAB!!!  Turned out kinda like fondant.  Of course, I've never had fondant, so I am just imagining what it would be like, and I have to say that this is it!  It tasted really good!!!   Wait there's more............the cuppie fit perfectly in the Frank boxes that Kaity and I made!!!  YAY!!!  Kaity took one to a friend at school.  She's sweet like that. 

Well, my BF is looking at me as though he thinks I'm really not watching TV with him like I said I would.  (I can't help it if men can't multitask as well as women do.)  I guess this has been long enough.  Thanks for reading, thanks for looking, and please comment if you want, I promise to read it!
Tammy  :)

PS - Thanks again for following...I'm sooo 'cited! 

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