Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Witches Brooms

Hi Crafters...
Hope you are doing well today!!  I have a busy evening with an All-Star Football game tonight.  LET'S GO ALL-STARS!!!  :)  We are really having fun and Monday night, my son's team whomped the other team 25-0!!  Wahoo!  Tonight is not gonna be so easy though....the team we are playing is also undefeated and they whopped on their last opponent too.  So...wish my son luck!  He's ready for some football!!! 

I wanted to share this really cute project I did for my kiddos....  I enjoyed making them as much as they enjoyed getting them.  I just love Snoopy...he's so cute.  I got this idea off of SCS some time ago and I do not know who I 'scraplifted' sorry.  I'm so excited that Halloween is on it's's getting really close now and I'm not finished with my daughter's costume yet!  I need to get cracking on that...  Anyway, LOOK AT THIS!!!  YAY!!!  So cute, so cute, so cute!!

Those are lunch bags - one to hold the candy and one that I cut up to make it look like a broom.  I used twine to wrap the top and put a stick from the yard in it for the handle.  I think they turned out cuuuute!  Oh, and I added a spider ring with a glue dot to the stick....hope I didn't scare anyone!  :)  I just used my cricut to cut the circles and put an eyelet on to tie the tag on with twine.  Easy, peasy!

Close up of the blinged up Snoop....thanks to Stickles.

Here are the goodies inside!! 

Also put some handmade chocolates inside.  Pictures didn't turn out very well but they are Garfield and I made some pumpkins.  Just melted chocolate disks and put them
in a mold.  Yummy and Easy!

NOW, best of all >>>>>
My Al-Star!  LOL!!!  (His name is Alex but he likes to be called Al - too cute!)  He's so proud of the football gloves that he purchased himself with birthday money!  Wish him luck!

Hope you all have a great hump-day!

PS - I just linked this project to BetweenU&Me's Link Party!!  :) 

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  1. Tammy, what a great idea so cute loving the treat bags!!!! Good luck to Al on his game:)

  2. Hi Tammy!!! So glad to read your post on my blog! These "brooms" are super cute!!! How creative! And your little guy (not so little, but they are always little to us moms :) is a cutie!!! how great he bought his gloves himself! He will appreciate them more that way for sure!!! I am a new follower :)

    Love from Louisville :) - SJ

  3. This is a great idea!! I love those little brooms! Cherish those times when they are young and will still stop for a photo....I miss those times! *sniff* Thanks for joining us this week!

  4. OMG - these are fantastic. I hope you don't mind if I lift the idea - they are just too clever.

  5. Larelyn - feel free to scraplift anything you'd like - I'm honored! Glad you all like these! They were easy to make and quite fun actually! (And cheap!! I got 100 bags at the dollar store! That's a penny a bag!!)



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