Thursday, December 15, 2011

Peace on Earth

Hi Crafty friends!!  I love this silly camel....isn't he cuuuute!!  :)  Mike likes him too and pointed it out so I thought I'd make it my next cut.  I'm glad I did!  Hope your holiday season is enjoyable and that you are taking time for yourself as well! :)


  1. LoL - that is one keeeeuuuute camel. :-) Love him. Is he a die-cut or something ?.
    Hope you are keeping well ? xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi IKE!!
    IKR!! I love that camel too! :) I cut him from my Cricut. Are you familiar with that machine??? If not, you NEED one! It's amazing! Just look it up at There are a ton of cartridges and you make your own die cuts! Fabulous!!!
    I'm doing very well, hope you are too!!



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