Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Red Neck Wine Glasses - Happy Birthday, Bro!

I thought this would be an appropriate posting for my brother's bday today!  :) 
He is a little bit of a redneck :)  He doesn't drink and when I found these coke can shaped glasses at the Dollar Store I immediately thought of these!!!  I just took candle sticks (also from $store) and E6000 glue and hooked them up! :)  How fun is that?!?!
Great gift for those hard to buy for men in your life!
Mike loved them and 'needed' a pair for himself!  :)


  1. WoWza - FANTASTIC. This is just great. Does that E6000 stick anything then ??? I have never heard of it OR anything that will stick glass. Amazing. You are soooooooooooo Cool. xxxxx

  2. Hey, Ike, yep it sticks to anything!! It's good stuff! We can get it almost anywhere around here....I'm sure it's online as well.
    Have fun! :)



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