Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Broken Ankle :(

My poor boy!!!  We have a new place in town called Sky Zone (check out you tube for some cool videos!) it's all trampolines.  Even on some of the walls!  Very cool!  Alos very dangerous...especially the dodgeball floor.  Lots of places for a foot to fit and that's just what happened.  Luckily no surgery was needed.  Too bad he's out for the rest of his bball season and maybe even the start of rugby.  Ugh.  :(  But he's a trooper and doing very well - even if he's a bit gimpy.  :) 
Here he is the day it happened...oh it was at a bday party too!!!  Poor guy didn't even get cake...but the party mom brought him his own pile of brownies the very next day!! :) 

 First time in a wheelchair at the doc's office
 Me and my boy
 At the orthopedic surgeon's office for evaluation...thank God no surgery needed.
 Cute pic of him waiting
 The cast!!  Which is removable for showers - so much nicer than the plaster ones! 
Love me some Al!  :)

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  1. OH NO !!! Poor soul !!! Cool cast nowadays though but at least with the plaster ones you could have decorated it for him !!!! Hope he's feeling more comfortable now :-) xxxxxxxxxx



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