Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shuttle Fun

Hi my crafty friends!!!  I have been watching a lot of tutorial videos on mini-albums.  Combine that with a great trip to Florida in December  with someone on my team who just happens to love all things space and the fact that the Kennedy Space Center is on the way to the airport from our oceanfront hotel makes for a really fun mini!! 
I really had fun making this album and there are tons of pictures.  I made an envelope mini and even made the envelopes with the cricut!  I also used my Zutter for the first time!!  Cool way top bind up the album!!
Thanks for looking and more pictures to come on the second album I made!!  This one is for Danny, the next one you see will be for me!  :)
I am also positive some cute beach pictures will also be scrapped!  :)
Thanks for looking...it's way better in person with lots of fun lifts and flaps and fun!!!! :)

Page one the little envelope opens with a small place to journal.  The envelope flap on the left also opens to reveal a photo mat and can also hold more photos and/or brochures. 

I made this photo mat for inside that envelope...Front and back below...
Page 2:
The flag is on a small card which opens to reveal a spot for journaling

Page 3:
This envelope opens the other way and holds more picture spots. 
I closed all envelopes with velcro

This mat is a book style for more pics/journaling.  That white paper can be pulled out and both sides can be used.

Page 4:
Page 5:

opens up for photo...
Page 6:

Page 7 opens to more photo mat areas

Page 8 holds tags that can be used for journaling

It also holds a photo mat.  Front...
 back of mat.
Back Cover

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  1. WoWza - that is really AWESOME. What a fabulous project. :-D xxxxxxxxxxx



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