Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Ribbons

Ah, Halloween Ribbons!  I saw some at Target for $2 each and thought...I can make that!  :)  SO I did!  YAY!  I think mine turned out even cuter than the ones at Target and I could customize however I wanted for my Halloween Bash!
I did the rosette thing where you take a 12" strip about 1.5 inches tall and score it every .25".  You then accordian fold it all the way down.  You use tacky strip to hold the ends together like a bracelet and then you smoosh it down so it lays flat and makes a rosette.  Then take two cirles abut 1" in diameter and glue them on each side to keep it flat.  Then you can decorate however you like.  Try with different sizes too - they are fun to make.
For mine I used ribbon from Michael's and a stamp set from SU! and made Winner Ribbons for the Halloween Party!!!

Put a pin on the back so it can be worn!  Proudly, I'm sure!

This is a decoration I have on my desk at work.  The "hair" reminds me of Guy from the Food Network!  :)  LOL!  Makes me smile when I come in my office!

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