Sunday, October 16, 2011

View Master Card

OMG...This may be one of my most favorite cards.  Thank you, Princess Cricut for helping me make the cuts....I'd made a view master card years ago and it was SUCH a pain.  With my cricky this is so much easier!!!  I started with a 8.5x11 sheet of cardstock.  I took my CM 1"circle cut and cut a hole in one side of the card.  I used my cricut to make a 1" circle and then cut a 1.25" circle around that one in black to make the ring around the viewer.  I also cut a 4" circle out of white cardstock.  I found the middle of the 4" circle and put a hole in that for the brad.  Then I put it in the card and made sure the white was covering the hole but not sticking out of the card.  I then made a hole in the card for the brad to fit through the cardstock.   I then used a smaller CM circle punch and barely put it along the edge of the card centered with the brad to make an indention in both pieces of cardstock so that you can easily rotate the viewer.   Next, you put a brad through the cardstock and 4" circle so the circle spins.  I used small stamps (my set is from 2001 - SU!) to stamp in the circle on the card.  Stamp an image then turn until you no longer see the image and stamp another.  I got 7 images on mine.  I then decorated the front of the card.!!!  Not too hard and lots of fun!!!  I included pics of each image I used.  FUN!!

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