Friday, October 21, 2011

Rock Climbing Party Day 5 Foodie Friday

Hi all and thanks for reading my week long post about my son's Rock Climbing Party!!!  :)  It was a great time and since it's also Foodie Friday, I thought I'd focus a bit on the food! :)
My BBFF, Christy, ( who is also a STAR on Good Morning Texas!) suggested a trail mix bar.  What a fun idea!!
I made paper cones using my faithful Cricut and set out some fun trail mix fixin's....
Halloween marshmallows
White Cheddar Cheese-It's
Chex cereal - baked and seasoned with seasoned salt
Dry Roasted Peanuts

The kids seemed to like it.  I really didn't need much food since it was only a 2 hour party and with 7 climbers getting ready, climbing...etc, cookie cake, and presents this was just enough!!  With their goodie bag bottles to take home! :)  YAY!

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