Monday, October 17, 2011

Rock Climbing Party!!! Day 1

YAY!!  Happy Birthday to my 12 year old son, Alex!!!  He's incredible and I'm so proud that he is mine!  This year we decided to do a rock-climbing party.  How fun is that?!?!  Well, we did it up...and how!  First the invites...  I think these turned out really, really, REALLY cute!  I used paper doll dress up and cut out one of the guys and then I made rocks by cutting the caveman hair really small and it looked like the rocks on a rock wall!  I did it up, tied some string so it hung down and then I pop doted the boy.  I was going to use one of those boingy things but my guys were too thin.  Oh well, they are cute just like this! 

I will post more tomorrow.  I have water bottles, the fondant for a cookie cake (OMG!  Sooo cute and I didn't make it - found it on Etsy - thanks Crafty ROSY!!!!), and the party itself including a trail mix bar.  (Thanks Christy!)

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