Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rockin' fun day 2 - water bottle goodie bags

Al's party was so much fun and at 12 goodie bags are still one of their favorite parts of the party!!  I had a lot of fun getting these together!  I found these aluminum bottles at the Dollar Store!?!?  Wow.  Who knew?  I big heart that place and need to make it a habit of checking there first! 
Anyway, these bottles held all the goodies - candy that Al picked out and too bad not all of it would fit, but that's okay, we got them all handed out anyway!  :)  I had to put the Pop Rocks and Rock Candy to the side, but it all worked out fine because the boys just enjoyed them at the party or took them home.  YAY! 
I used the Batman Font and cut their names out of vinyl and stuck 'em on.  Whamo!  Took all of 10 minutes, literally!  My kind of project!  And all kept saying that they are "Wicked!" 
Oh, these 'rock wall climbers' didn't fit either, so I just made sure everyone got one!  Found at Party City for 25 cents each!

Had to have Rock Candy!!!

The fillers!  Sticking with the climbing theme we had to have Air Heads!  And Air Head suckers (I didn't even know they had them!) and Bubble Gum, we also had WarHeads (Al loves those!), and remember Zebra Stripe gum?!?!  Well they had it at Party City in little chicklet type packs!!!  15 2-piece packs for $1! :)  YAY!! 

I found these at JoAnn's and put one on the top of each bottle

Before pic of bottles...exciting, I know!  :)

YAY!  Loved how they turned out!


  1. Your blog hates me (again)...I've been trying to post for about a week now, but....loving all these details!

  2. Hi Tammy, OMG! so sorry I have not been around shame on me!! I'm so glad you stopped to visit:) Fantastic bargain on those bottles and great party favors!! Great job



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