Monday, July 23, 2012

Rugby signs

My son decided to play rugby this year.  It's the first year that our town has offered it to 6th graders.  He was VERY excited to play and they ended the season winning a few games and making it to the championships, but lost after their fist game.  That's okay.  There is a lot to learn and this is a weird sport.  Catching on a bit here in my town, but not big yet at all.  We have two schools in our town.  Both in the same school district and usually we are competitiors but for a few sports - rugby included - we join together to form one big team. 
I made these posters for my daughter and I to hold for the games.  They were much easier than it looks thanks to SCAL!  I found the image online and instead of cutting everything out with the cricut I put in a marker and let it draw it instead.  That was WAY easier than trying to piece all fo that together and finding the right colors etc.  this way I just colored it when it was done.  I did it on a 12x12 pice of cardstock and made two of them. 
I love them and have them stored away for next year! :)

this was part of a cupcake cake...myu son is the one on the top right.  Pretty cool - I wish I'd gotten a picture of the whole cake, but i didn't even know it was there until Alex brought this to me.  I love that kid!

YAY, Fishers!!!

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