Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wedding Week - Cake Topper

 I so wish I had a better picture because this really turned out cute!

This was fun to do although it was several steps and took a while to dry.  First thing I did was cut out a D using the elegant cake cricut cartridge.  I cut it out twice on medium board and then glued them together.  I then used modge podge to glitter it up.  I coated it with mp, glitter, mp, glitter, mp, glitter, mp while letting it dry between steps
Below is what it looked like with the final coat of MP.  I wasn't positive it would even dry

Luckily it did and it was beautiful!  I think you could use it just like this, but we wanted to bling it up a bit.  I added gems from HL in purple and khaki - they were on sale so we got them for about $16 total.  Two packs of 25 per color worked out perfectly!

BEAUTIFUL if I say so myself!  :)

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