Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

I know I said I wanted to do wordless Wed, but some of these moments need a few words. 
Scene - I'm sitting in my craft room at my cricut table designing something gorgeous I am sure.  Alex (my sweet son) had been at a friend's house that morning and they were bringing him home.
He walked up to me with this....  A goldfish and a glass tank.  He was so proud I didn't kow what to say.  I am not opposed to him having a fish but he'd never brought one home from a friend's house before.  LOL!  Before I could really ask anything he started in on this amazing story.  His friend lives near a strip mall with a pet store.  The boys walked over to the pet store...on their way Alex found $20!  He honestly finds money frequently.  It's bizzare how he does.  One time he found $50 at a ball game; another time $20 in the bush (literally in the bush!) by our front door.  I know it wasn't mine and it looked like it had blown in with the wind.  It's crazy.  His sister doesn't seem to share that luck and neither do I!  SO anyway, he used his $20 to buy a fish, the kid's mom had the tank and gave it too him.  THen he said he and his friend ate at KFC with some of it and that he still has like $5.  :) 
I love that kid. 
It's a good thing he can find money cause Lord knows he can spend it!  :)  Now that is a trait I can relate to!
Enjoy your day,

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  1. Totally made my smile! Glad it was only 20 dollars he found, or you might have a new puppy or something. ;o)



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