Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wedding Week! Card Holder

Okay, this was one of my favorite projects for the wedding!!! :)  I LOVE how it turned out!  We found something simlar on Pinterest....and the bride fell in love with it.  She asked if I thought I could make it.... Sure!  And honestly the hardes thing was finding boxes.  None of the craft stores had what we were looking for exactly.  But The Container Store did.  We found them online (item #2020 is one of them!).  I thought they'd be assembled boxed, but they were not.  Flat and flimsy.  Made me worried, but it turned out great!  I spray painted the boxes a light khaki color to match her wedding.  adn then cut a hole in the top part of the bottom box that was a little smaller than the size of the middle box (this is so the cards can fall down into it.  I also cut a slit in the middle box for the cards to go.  I wanted the area between the middle and bottom box to be open so I put the lid to the middle box on the underside of the box.  The box top is got glued to the top of the bottom box that had the sqaure cut out.  A bit hard to explain but the order is :
small lid on small box to form a complete box, medium lid and medium box with box turned upside down and lid put onto what would be the bottom of the bos; large box with large lid and hole in large lid.
I then put ribbon from each side and I simply taped the ribbon to the bottom of the box.  Did this so that the project could be used at both the wedding and the shower - the ribbon can be taken off and the cards can be retrieved from the bottom box after each event without the project being destroyed.  I tied a big bow on to and drapped the ribbon down the sides and tacked it on to look flowing with hot glue.  I added some diamond embellishments to the bow for the final touch.
I love the way it turned out! Oh, and the ribbon was but on each side of the card slit.

Tammy :)

Picture below - the medum box is upside down so the hole is in bottom.

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