Monday, July 2, 2012

Wedding Week!!! Lingerie invite

HI!!!  I am so exctiecd about this weeks blog postings - I may even make it two weeks...I have so much to post!!  A dear friend got married on June 17th, and I got to help plan her wedding!!!!  Weeee!!!  I didn't post anythign as I was doing for fear of leaking something but now I think I'm all good to go for it!  She was such a BEAUTIFUL bride!!!  Oh my, took my breath away! 
For her bacheloretee party, she wanted to do it as a lingerie shower too.  I HAD to make the invites!!  I'd seeen similar invites on Pinterest and YAY got to make some too!  They turned out adorable.  Her colors are Plum and Khaki - I used those for the invite.  The ribbon was a bit wide, but I just loved it so who cares!  I used my Gypsy to weld three together and then literaly cut 1/2 of one off of each side then put eyelets on to bustle it up with the ribbon.  The girls had to completely untie it to see the inside.  HAHA!  Kinda fun!  I do have to admit that she only had 6 girls to invite - getting that ribbon through the eyelet was a bit of a challenge.  :)
Keep looking - I have lots of cute wedding stuff to post!! :)

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