Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wedding Week!! Sand Ceremony

 What a fun project!!!!  I wanted to give something to my friend for her shower and I know she was looking for something cool to use during the Sand Ceremony.  I had never heard of a sand ceremony.  When I got married we did a unity candle - I guess that is still used too, but some have chosen to do a family ceremony using sand.  Two colors of sand is used - one for the groom's family and one for the bride's.  The sand starts in containers for each family and then is poured by the family into a 3rd container that will symbolize the two families becoming one. 
I found all of my glass at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  The two side pieces are candle holders.  The middle one I really wanted somethign with a lid, because, well, it's SAND and she'd like to keep it as a reminder/memory.  I found this container that was filled with seasalt.  I poured the seasalt into my salt pig, peeled the labels and YAY!  Perfect container. 
Then I got out my trusty cricut.  C'mon now - i really didn't ahve to get sweet Princess out - she's always out! :)  But I used my Gypsy (of course) to cut out three stencils to what I needed.  I used the vinyl letter to decorate the gift bag (below) and then I used the stencil to etch teh glass. Stick the vinyl on the glass, put a thick coat of etching on it,, wait 5 mins, rinse it off, peel off vinyl, rinse again and dry...there you have it!  :)
I think she liked it! :)

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