Monday, July 16, 2012

Wedding Honeymoon card

YAY!!!  This turned out even cuter than I had pictured it in my head!!!  I love it!  I saw the idea on Pinterest and with my sweet cricut I was able to make it pretty easily!  I cut out the images and then embossed some.  I also used this awesome sand stuff that I found online.  I am looking for where I got it but I can't seem to find the store.  If you want to see the bottle though, email me and I will be happy to send you a picture.  It is made for scrapping and it's really cool.  I have one with sand and one with shells.  I purchased them one day while in Florida and looking for scrapping stuff to scrap our vacation.   
I used ink pads to color the backgrond and then added the beach on the bottom of the card, added two palm trees and hung the clothesline and clips from Stampin' Up and popped up the clothes.  SO CUTE!
I really LOVE it!!!
 Enjoy your day!

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