Sunday, November 28, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day Four Tutu cute

Merry, Merry, Merry!!! 
Day Four....I want to share these tutu cute chalkbords.  I have posted these before, so please check that out for credit to the inspiration!  These were really pretty easy to make.  I used an 11x14 artist canvas....painted it with chalkboard paint - I didn't use the spray kind although I've read great reviews on it!  After painting, I staple-gunned a ribbon across the bottom and one to hang it with and then I made two bows and stapled them down too.  Then the fun began I used a whole lotta tulle - maybe 12 yards??  I held the tulle in my hand and smooshed it together so that it was about an inch wide and stapled one end of the tulle to the bottom of the canvas then I kept smooshing and pulled about 9 or 10 inches and then stapled again this time approx 2-3 inches away from the last staple.  I kept doing this across the bottom of the canvas to make little 'banner' of canvas.  Then you get to fluff all that beautiful tulle out - the longer the rings you've made the bigger the fluff.  It is a really easy project and one that was fun to make.  I'm sure my nieces will love them! 

Merry Christmas!!!  Hope you are finding some inspiration!
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  1. Hi Tammy, I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!! I love the chalkboard project!!! Can I get the canvas at Michael's and if so does it come in a roll or like framed already?

  2. What a great gift! My daughter has been dancing since she was 1,she is now 13 and I showed this to her,she went crazy! Thanks for sharing! Dina



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