Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Off we go....zebra card

Howdy Ho! 
Well, it's almost turkey day!  That means travel for a lot of us.  Including me this year!  I am going to drive up to Chicago to spend some time with my BF's fam.  Sounds like fun!!!  Wish I had more spending money to go shop in the big city, but it's all good!  I have made a lot of gifts this year and actually am going to share a lot of them with you...stay tuned!  Starting Thursday I am going to post a new handmade gift idea for 12 days.  Sounds fun.  I will also post other things as the mood strikes me, but we are all so busy, I wanted to get that part done so you'd have time to make them - trust me, they are all pretty simple and inexpensive! 

I thought I'd post this cute zebra card that I made for a friend who is doing some traveling!  Turned out pretty adorable, if I say so myself!  :)  I believe this zebra is in the Paisley carty.

Here's an idea- for me making two cards is as easy as making one. (Probably because it takes me the longest to choose colors and plan the idea) SO....I usually always make two of every card and sometimes the envelopes too.  I enjoy putting them all together and then I place them in a photo holder box.  The A2 sized cards fit perfectly.  I sort them by occasion and then when I need a card, I know right where to look.  It works for me! 
Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. What an awesome idea! I should try something like that and then I would be ready when an occasion arises. Love your cards.. they look awesome.


  2. Love the colors you used! great idea! Have a great Thanksgiving! Dina

  3. The zebra is pretty cute. Love the colors too. I am looking forward to the 12 days of projects. Sounds like fun!

    Be safe traveling,

  4. Love those cards! Gorgeous and the colors are awesome!



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