Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Okay, seriously, how can PC keep making such cute cartridges!!!  Everytime I take one down I find new things that I loooove!!!
I made these two cards in approximately 15 minutes.  It seriously takes me longer to pick out the colors I want to use...does anyone else have that issue?  I think that I have color matching issues sometimes! That is maybe why the imagine would be good for me, but I love paper so much that I know I'd still buy it.  Vicious circle I tell ya. 
There isn't a cartridge out there that I wouldn't like to have!  I can find something on EVERY cart that I say, Awww, or OH, or something to!  It's all good I suppose.  :) 
Anyway....I think this monkey is adorable and although I don't even really like birds (they are kinda creepy) I like the cute birds and the one I used is awfully pretty with the little flower in her hair!  :)

Okay, so I'm gonna share a couple cards and a beautiful pictue of my BF's pop and his 'squeeze'.  They are so adorable!  I love them lots and have a project that I will be sharing soon with this exact picture!!!  I am thinking of doing a 12 days of Christmas starting on Thanksgiving with a new gift idea each day.  Of course I'll include a couple you've already seen, but I'm thinking that may be fun. 

I always seem to start rambling... :)  I really do like this blogging thing!  So with no further ado here are the cards....
I used my fave cartridge.... (for the moment!) and Robin's stamp set more Punnylicious.  CUTE! 

Yay!!  Here are Rep and Lynn.  Good, good people and lot's of fun and spunk too - just the way I like 'em!  Watch for a project soon!  :)



  1. Hi Tammy, I know what you're talking about (I want almost every cart. out there) lol. Your cards are adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog ;0) Have a blessed day!
    Hugs, Carol L.

  2. LOVE the cards!! !ou did a great job! I only like birds that are not real :) LOL.

  3. These are just darling. Great Job on these cards.

  4. Hey Tammy, I have your takes me forever to pick the colors and paper, once that is done its easy! Both your cards are so is a great cartridge :)



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