Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Luau time

Good morning fellow crafters!
I woke up in a really good mood today!  Not exactly sure why and I haven't even had my coffee yet!  Oh well, I will go with it!  :)  Last night I got a lot done...yay me!  I had to work late (which wasn't bad because I really love my job- most of the time) then just had to warm up dinner because I'd thought ahead and pre-made something!  I love blogging because not only does it give me the inspiration to craft, I have gotten inspriation to try other things.  For example, I've always loved to cook and I love, love, love to try new things.  As a matter of fact I often ask for cookbooks for gifts and I love to read them like books.  I enjoy thumbing through and finding random things as well.  One thing I hadn't really done was freeze meals.  Like make two of something and put one in the freezer for another day.  Guess what???  I'm doing a bit of that now too and how great is that?!?  It's wonderful, it's better than great!  It can even save money because you can buy a big ol' jar or can of something and instead of wasting it - you are using it for the one you will freeze.  I suppose you could give it away too.  I just haven't been that nice....yet!  :)  I do like to take a meal to a sick friend or to a family that suffered a loss and this would be a great way to do that too!  I'm loving it all around!  Hmmm...wonder what I'll make tonight??? 
Anyway!!!  I digressed.  I was telling you what I did last night.  Well, after a great Italian dinner I made my way upstairs to scrap while my bf took my kids to get my car washed.  It needed it because I had decorated it all up for Al's championship game.  That was a lot of fun, but they lost...  :(  Poor boys!  BUT the team they lost to was really good so they deserved it.  Al did great and had his name called out on the loudspeakers three times!!!  :)  HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!  He said he didn't hear it though...but I DID!  :)  I had planned some projects on my Gypsy and I really need to get started on my daughter's 13th (gulp!) party decorations....she is having a Luau (anyone know any good games, recipes, etc for a luau?  Please share if you do!).  I was working hard on a banner and cuppiecake picks when the crew got home and guess what??  They are the best ever and brought me an eggnog shake from Steak 'n Shake!  Mmmm...Mmmm...Good!  :)  SO great!  I love my family! 
I will post more soon, but for now I am going to post her invitation and the cuppie picks....  !  Fun to make I love the Life's a Beach cartridge!!!
This invite is actually from the booklet in Life's a Beach.  I need more practice with some of the cartridges because once you make the card I struggle with finding the right size to make the layers.  I'm sure I just need to play more, but I get frustrated easily sometimes.  I thought this was really cute, so I just used the one they already had cut sizes for.  I think it turned out really cute. Of course I added bling and ribbon...that's kinda what I do!  I also added a real straw.  Kaity loves them.  My bf was excited and said that he can't wait for the party because if the invite is this cute, he knows the party will be fun!!  :)

And here are the cute cuppie picks.  I'm not sure how many girls will be here yet, she is inviting 13 so I thought I'd make 24 cuppies.  I made 6 of each of those picks and will make a big 13 for top and then I thought I'd look for some sparkly something and some long candles for them too.   
Now I need to finish the banner, plan what we will do, get some finger food ideas, and look for cuppie recipes - she wants chocolate with more chocolate frosing and cookie dough in the middle.  What can I say, the girl knows what she likes! :)
I will post more soon!!  AND I still need to do layouts!  Ugh...just getting further behind in scrapping.  This is when digital scrapping looks more appealing! 
Well, I'm off to have a great day...hope you do too!!


  1. Too cute! thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

  2. Very cute invites and toppers. They will love them. TFS

  3. Super cute invites and the cupcake toppers are adorable:)



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