Friday, November 5, 2010

Cricut Cardz Challenge

I don't know if you've been looking forward to this day as much as I have, but I'm soooo glad it's here!  YAY!!  I have big plans for this son plays in the Championship Football game tomorrow!  Wahoo!!!  :)  AND THEN....I'm going to a resort/spa/casino with my bestie to celebrate her b-day!  Woot, woot!!  So...maybe by Monday I'll be rich and can spend all of my time crafting and helping others.  Wouldn't that be great!!!  But, I'm not much a gambler so we'll see.  I don't like to spend a lot of money so my $30 probably won't get me rich...but my chances are as good as anyone's I s'pose!  :) 
I am entering this card into a challenge... The Cricut Cardz Challenge #49

You have to make a Christmas card using your cricut and something on your card has to begin with the letter "S".  I wanted to do somthing besides the snowflake, santa deal.  I did like the squirrel idea, but when I was looking at my cartridges last night I noticed the Forever Young carty.  I keep that one close, cause it's one of my faves.  I thought!  Why not make my wish list....  SHOES!!, skirt, sunglasses, surprises.  So, this is what I came up with.  I of course had to use ribbon and bling!  :)
Hope you like it....  Shhh...don't tell 'cause I think I'll send this to my bestie - she'll like it!  Since she's not a scrapper, I don't worry that she'll read about it here either.  Can you believe she's not a scrapper?  We are different in many ways, I guess that's part of what makes us have so much fun together...I've known her since I was 13 - she's celebrating a milestone b-day and we've known eachother for over 25 years.  I'll let you do the math if you are curious how old she is...keep in mind, I'm NOT that old yet!  (My b-day isn't until March, so I won't be celebrating until WAY, NEXT year! :)
Okay, I'll shut up and show  you the card now!  Thanks for looking and reading and following....I'm soooo super excited to have followers, it makes my day EVERYDAY!!!  Thank you!!!


  1. HOw cute is this!!!???!!!! CAn't wait to see your banner!!!!

  2. Awwwe, thanks for coming by and visiting. I really appreciate you joining as well. You have a new fan too.8)
    Love your blog and your work and your kids Halloween costumes.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I love your card-way to think 'outside the box' on this challenge!

  4. How creative of you to make a wish list card.. Awesome.

  5. I like the "wish list" idea...Oh my soo many things that start with S that I want and hay it's all on your card :)
    Super fab job on this card I love how you twisted up the challenge!!!
    And hay math isn't my strong point so didn't even look at the numbers :)
    good luck this weekend...

  6. CUTE! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, leaving such a nice comment, and deciding to become a follower! I hope I can continue to inspire! :) See you around! :)

  7. That is awesome!Great idea! Dina

  8. What a GREAT Idea! Way to think outside the box... Cute card! Thanks for playing along with us over at CCC! :o)

  9. Wow, what a list, I need to get started on, thanks so much for joining with us at CCC.

  10. How cute is your card!!!Great idea with the wish list and love those red shoes!!!



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