Friday, November 26, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day Two - etched mug & wine glass

Merry Christmas Day Two!  :)
Hi crafters, Happy Black FRIDAY!!!!!  Hope you find some good bargins today!  And what a good segway that is to this.....  These mugs and glasses I purchased at the Dollar Store for $1 each!  I used my cricut and some vinyl to make a stencil and the end results are fabulous!!!!  I made this beer mug for my brother for Christmas.  I'm giving him this and a case of his fave beer!  He will love it.  I'm teasing him though (as all younger siblings should) and I will tell him that it took me everything I had to not spell his name (Bob) with two O's.  LOL!!!  I put a dog with a big 'ol grin on it's face on it too.  He loves all animals, but is a big dog lover.  I thought that was fun to make.  I also did 4 wine glasses (again only $1 each!!!) with a big E on them for my BF's sister and her hubby.  Their last name is English so I figure that would be best.  :)  I guess I coulda just randomly picked an initial, but I'm not sure they'd find the humor.  I am going to include a nice bottle of wine and voila.  (I like saying voila - it's fun, try it; you'll see!)  I made several etched glass things this year.  Mugs, glasses, a vase and even a candy dish that my daughter gave to one of her friends filled with m&m's.  All of the glass I've used has been from the dollar store. 

From Day 1 advent calendar:


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