Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Awww...look at the awning! :)

Hi My CRAFTY friends!!!
I just have to say that I LOOOVE looking at all of your's so much fun and SUCH an inspiration!!!  You all ROCK!  :)
I am in a stamping 'club' with a SU consultant.  It is really great as she has been with them for 10 years and knows a lot of stuff.  She's really creative and I enjoy learning from her.  We made these awning cards a month or so ago...  I fell in love with them. Of course, she used several punches from SU and I knew I could do it on my cricut.  SO....
I sat down and figured it out on my gypsy.  It really didn't take too long.  Using George I made a series of ovals....cut those out for the awning.  Another oval and scallop background for the sentiment.  Then I just used a card cut from another carty that had a square with one side scalloped.  I don't remember which one that was though.  If you want me to look, I'll be happy to.  I can also take a picture of my gypsy if that would help?  Let me know what you want/need and I'll be happy to start adding it. are some other picutres so you can see the way I put it all together. 

This is a regular cad base.  I centered and glued the ovals on a piece of cardstock that was 4.25 x 1 then I scored the ovals to make the awning....scored on both sides of the 4.25x1 piece of cardstock and glued one side to the base of the card.  This created the awning. 

 For the bottom piece, I embossed it and then scored the scalloped edge to fold down.  This creates the store front. 
 This is a newer stamp set from SU and I am sure that it is still available.  I really like the cakes and the sentiment.  I was actually the lucky winner the month we made these cards and WON it!!  :)  Yay me!  :) 
I think that sentiment is great!!!  Oh, and the card folds flat for the mail...bonus!  :)
Enjoy today!



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