Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Double Slider Scratch-n-sniff!!!

Scratch-n-sniff card!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!  How fun is this!!?!! 
You can do it too!!!!  It's easy peasy!!!  All you have to do is mix one part regular koolaid with one and a half parts clear embossing powder.  That's it!  I like to stamp, color and then use my glue stick on the area I want to be scratched and then add the power/koolaid mixture and you need to heat it like regular embossing powder.  Once that is complete, scratch and sniff!  Amazing!  And fun!  My kids think I'm awesome because of this simple technique!  I did it a long time ago and forgot about it for a while, till now.  YAY!!  I like it!  There are soooo many options.  Use light koolaid and colored powder if you wanna. 
This time I just used cherry, but it's pretty neat. 

I also did the double slider with the plastic bag AND the bigger size as I had posted earlier that I would.
I hope you try these!  Have fun!

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