Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

Hi my friends!!!  I love my craft...I SO do!!  It sure keeps me busy and entertaied.  I just love it!  I am also happy with my decision to start selling some of my things.  It has been successful so far...YAY!!  And I hope it keeps growing.  Any ideas to help, I will listen!  :)
I was asked by a friend to make a gymnastics 8x8 scrapbook for his daughter. It is so sweet of him....he ordered the book as a suprise for is daughter and wife - what a sweet guy! 
SO - I have been busy, but I got it done and he said that they LOVED it!  His exact words were, "She was floored by it.  It was a homerun! :) )That makes me one happy crafter!

What does that mean for you, you ask??  Well, tons of pictures, of course!!  This is waht I have been busy doing. 
Please enjoy!  :)

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