Wednesday, March 2, 2011

White Chocolate Mocha

Hi Pals....I'm figuring that since it's my birthday month that I will share some of my favorite things with you.  Well, today, I have a real treat!!!  My fave coffee drink at Starbucks is the Venti, non-fat, no-whip, white chocolate mocha.OMG....have you tried it?  If not, don't.  You'll be hooked and at $5/cup I think crack would be cheaper - and less addictive!  :)  Seriously, I was buying three or four a week at one point!!!  That's $15-$20/week!!  Almost $100/month of coffee!!!!  No way!!!!  That had to stop and I have a wonderful coffee maker that my BF got for me for our first Christmas together.  So WTH was I doing????  I work hard for my money.  Don't get twisted, I will still stop at Starbucks but clearly Re-evaluation was needed and I looked online (I love the internet!!) and found some recipes that looked decent....I played around and found one that I love!!!  SO...I'm gonna share with you how you can make this drink at home and pay pennies on the dollar!
What you need:
  • A strong cup of coffee - I love that I can brew mine with my Keurig...this machine is amazing!!  I'm talking if I could only have one appliance it would be this AND if I had to chose between this and my cricut.... Let's just say it wouldn't be pretty!  You can purchase coffee pods and brew them up nice and strong, or you can put your own coffee in.  That's what I do for this mocha.  I brew a strong large cup of coffee.
 Okay, got continue you also need:
  • Milk - I fill my coffee mug with milk and add that to the pot first
  • Vanilla - not pictured...oops! :)  Just a splash
  • Sugar - about 1 Tablespoon (Mike likes his a little sweeter so he adds sugar before the whipped cream)
  • White chocolate chips - two small handfulls
  • nice, big coffee mug (preferably one that reminds you of your sweetie)

 First things first, put the glass of milk on the stove in a 2 qt pan on medium/high heat.  Throw in chips and add sugar.  Whisk together until chips melt. 
Meanwhile, brew your coffee
 Add coffe and vanilla and whisk all together to get a pretty mocha color.  This will be lighter than regular coffee - remember it's about 1/2 milk!  So all you ladies, you are getting a dose of calcium!  :)
Pour yourself a nice cuppajoe!  This makes enough for two nice sized cups!  So share with a friend and enjoy!!!  Top with whipped cream.  YUM!  

Hope you will try it!!!!  You can also make it with choc chips, which my kids like, but this is about me and MY fave and I think the white chocolate is the best!!!! 

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