Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mike!! :)

YAY!!  Today is my BF's birthday!!!  I made something really special for him.  He loves, (and by loves I mean looooooves) Star Wars.  Boys.  Weird.  I've never even seen the movie even though I've told him since the beginning of our relationship that I would.  He knows it's not my thing, and hasn't ever asked me to.  I do love him for that.  I do, however, have loads of SW figures/toys/etc in my house.  :)  What's a girl to do?  I have my toys; he has his!  Anyway, I know that he will enjoy these!!!  I will have them all up so when he gets home from work he will see them!  :)
I love me some MIKEY!!!
Happy Birthday, honey!  xoxoxo
 Boba Fett Banner - Boba is his FAVE!

 I like how this door hanger turned out!  :)
This, I am going to put on his b-day cake.  :) 
Thanks for looking!



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