Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To Ewe

OMG...this little guy is soooo cute!  He was a lot of fun to make to!  I just hooked up the gypsy, designed him, and made the card in minutes flat!!!  What did I ever do without my cricut?  I like the little horn that he is blowing!!  I think it would be cute on a congrats card to.... Toot your horn!  :)  I used some stickles and some ribbon and a corner punch to add a little bling.  Fun!  :) 
Have a happy day!



  1. Just LUV this little sheep - how clever you are.
    What's a Gypsy ????

    I have something from my Blog to yours if you follow this........


    Ike xxx

  2. Thanks, Ike - I will check out the site soon! :) A gypsy works with the cricut. Do you know what that is? :) It's a die cutting machine and I looove it! A gypsy is cool because it is portable and I can design on it then plug it into my cricut and the cricut will cut my design.
    The downfall is that they only work with cricut cartridges which have diffent shapes and fonts. I love them but they are pricey!

  3. I am glad you said it was a horn. I thought the sheep/ewe was sticking her tongue out (lol). Love it

  4. Tee hee...that made me laugh- it does kinda look like he's sticking his tongue out! :)



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