Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paperbag Scrapbook

Hi y'all!
To continue this month of my favorite things I have to get down to basics.  Scrapbooking!  Oh how I love it.  I love remembering special times and getting to relive them almost when I scrap my memories.  I also love to touch and feel the paper and put it all together.  Scrapbooking is what began my love for all things paper.  I started when my daughter (now 13) was born and I was on maternity leave.  I used an old 3-ring binder and covered it with fabric then used page protectors and construction paper - some cardstock  and stickers, sticker, and more sticers.  I loved it.  I was hooked!  Even though I did take a long break. Which I tend to do from time to time.  I am totally OCD and have to scrap chronologically so when I come to a point that I'm kinda stuck sometimes it takes me a while to start again.  This is a nightmare because I take a bunch of pictures!  I'm a real shutterbug.  So.....I often get behind.  Right now I am scrapping July 2010.  So I guess that's not horrible.  It can sometimes be a bit overwhelming though.  I have to tell myself that it's most important to just get the pictures on the page so I dont' stress too much really.  I am a pretty fast scrapper to so I can get a lot done when I try. 
Anyway, for my daughter's cheer coach I made a cute paper bag scrapbook.  Here are lots of pictures...enjoy!  :)



  1. Love it. What an awesome job.

  2. hey I have a blog award for you please stop by on Sunday to pick it up



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